Vani Rani SUN TV Serial

Vani Rani is a Tamil Language Indian Television show which starring Babloo Prithiveeraj, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Vicky Krish, Venu Arvind, Arun Kumar Rajan, Navya Swamy and Neelima Rani.

The show is going to replaced Chellamay and it will go to be premiered on January 2013 and run from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 PM on Sun TV. On 21 October 2017 show complete its 1400th episode. Director of the show is R.Arvind Raj and produced by Radaan Media works. On November 2017, it is confirmed by Raadhika Sarathkumar that the serial will end January 2018.


Episode 1-166

Twin sisters Vaani and Rani brought up by their paternal uncle Manikkam after the loss of their parents. Vaani pursues their ambition to become a Lawyer and get married to Bhoominath, a lead businessman, while Rani gets married to Bhoominath’s stepbrother, Swaminath it is a popular restaurant owner. In the meantime, Manikkam’s son, Manohar falls in the love with Bhoominath’s sister, Jyothi escape with her and Rani is forced him to get marry, which result in several problems, resulting Vaani and Rani earning the passion of both their uncle and their mother-in-law, Angayarkanni, while Vaani refuse to speak with Rani thereafter.

Episode 167-433

Bhoominath and Vaani turn out to be extremely fruitful on their separate profession, while Swaminathan’s and Rani are not very effective since all the Swaminathan’s business end up being disappointments, yet they all live respectively in a similar house. Vaani has two sons, Narayanan and Surya is an unemployed and childlike lawyer and Gautham, the college bad boy and the troublemaker for their parents, while Rani has three children, Selvi, Thenmozhi, and Saravanan.  Issues keep on appearing in the house on account of the Bhoominathan’s inner self against his stepbrother, while the entrance of Angayarkanni, who is jealous of Rani’s and Vaani close relationship although Vaani’s refusal to directly address Rani, decline the problems by co-operating against them and try to separate them. Selvi becomes hopelessly enamored and under extreme circumstance weds Rajesh, with just Vani as the possibility of witness, by causing a split in the family and their eventual separation resulting in Vaani and Rani getting separated. Later, Bhoominathan’s later realize his faults and turn over a new scale and send it to his mother away and tries to get the family together.

Episode 434-present

Now, they back together but live in a separate house. The problem is still continued to haunt them in the form of implacable Angayarkanni and Kadhir and Jyothi, the local don has his revenge against Saravanan. Gautham gives a warning to Kadhir to leave his family alone. After a lot of obstacles and incident Gautham, who secretly loves Pooja, marries Pooja to rescue Saravanan from Kadhir. After the marriage of Pooja Kadhir became a good man. Jyothi’s daughter Poongodi is involved in a love triangle between Karthi, Manohar’s son and Saravanan.

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